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We enable your business organisation to get the best from technology through studying, designing and developing ICT solutions for effective operations, proactive management and strategic decision making processes. We are specialised in dealing with business functional areas and technological platforms as follows. - Human Resources Management Information System - Custom Database Development - Customer Relationship Management - Student Information System - Website Design, Development and SEO - Mobile App Development

Name Website Duration Budget Summary
Human Resources Management Information System http://hrms.webits.asia 4 months None Given The Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS) is based on web platform allowing HR department of an organisation to gain better insight into pool of its human capital. HRMIS specifically allows HR people to record, store, track and report employee's personal details, contact details, dependent details, job details, qualification details, career movement history, salary increment history. HRMIS also allows employees of the organisation to do self-update on their personal details, contact details, submit leave request and OT request.
Mobile Data Collection & Reporting Tool http://webits.asia 3 months None Given To effectively help addressing technological challenges for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Cambodia in collecting, centralising and collating data at village and community level across the country to support their M&E process, the Mobile Data Collection & Reporting Tool allows CSOs to have access to functional features as follows. - On web platform, design questionnaire templates for their NGO on web platform by M&E officer - When activated on Android-enabled device, the app download all activated templates for its NGO - On Android-enabled device, pick a specific questionnaire template to start collecting data, save, review and edit collected data offline on the app and upload to server automatically when internet connection is available. - On web platform, review, consolidate submitted questionnaires and extract reports on the web by M&E officer
Voluntary Certification System (VCS) http://webits.asia 8 months None Given By fully implementing workflow and assessment rules of Voluntary Certification process, the VCS allows its all stakeholders to perform their jobs on a web-based centralised database system with functional features as follows. - Submit Expression of Interest (EoI) by applicant NGO (ANGO) - Submit, re-submit application form by ANGO - Prerequisite & pre-desk review by Certification Officer (CO) - Desk review by Working Group (WG) - Field assessment by CO - Final organisational assessment by NGO Code Compliance Committee (NCCC) - Recommendation fulfilment by ANGO - Follow up on certified NGO by Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS) - Operation reports and management reports
Sales & Invoicing System http://webits.asia 1 month None Given To save time and overhead costs while enhancing work efficiency for their business operation, the Sales & Invoicing System for Ming Liang Group is designed to simply accommodate functional features as follows. - Manage client records - Create, edit and print invoice - Track client payments (partial payment is supported) - Report on sales and account receivable to follow up - Dashboard presenting in graph the business performance indicators
Student Information System http://webits.asia 4 months None Given To improve the operation effectiveness for the school, VISALPHEAP SCHOOL has wisely invested in Student Information Management system with functional features as follows. - Student affair: Student enrolment, attendance list printing, student shift management, ID card generating & printing, student discipline tracking. - School Bus Services: Manage school bus service, track students getting bus services - Basic Accounting: Income posting, expense posting, report printing, invoice printing - Personnel Information: Staff profile (personal, contacts data and employment data), staff attendance record, payroll (deduction, bonuses, tax on salary)
Institut de la Francophonie pour la Médecine tropicale http://www.ifmt.la 1 month None Given Design and development the website to reflect education programs and activities of the Francophone Institute for Tropical Medicine.
Royal Villa Angkor Hotel http://www.royalvillaangkorhotel.com 1 month None Given The website was elegantly designed and developed to reflect brand identity and promote professional management and caring services of the hotel while also be adaptive to mobile screens.
Smart Printing http://www.smart-ads.asia 1 month None Given The website was designed and develop to nicely and responsively showcase their products and its details.
VOD Online TV http://www.vodtvnews.com 2 months None Given VOD TV is Cambodia’s only local, Khmer-language video news outlet, offering streaming breaking news updates, daily news roundups, investigative documentaries, feature videos and more. The video service was first launched in 2014 and has seen a drastic increase in viewership over the last 12 months. A new design should achieve the following goals: - Create a stand-alone site for VOD TV independent from the VOD Hot News website - Be designed for mobile-first - Utilize VOD’s existing database schema, if possible, or migrate the old database to a new system that maintains the functionality of the HOD Hot News Android/iOS app (available in the Google Play Store) - Maintain steady growth of the VOD audience - Incorporate social media interaction capabilities - Include live video-streaming capabilities - Include embedding capabilities for hosting third-party video content - Reflect the professionalism of the VOD news team - Provide attractive spaces for potential advertisers
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