Our Great Products

Company with 2 employees

Our Great Products is an online product review service that lets you compare the variety of...


Company with 5 to 10 employees

Pathmazing is a global software solution provider in pursuit of extraordinary mobile application...


Company with 5 employees

PenhTech is a Phnom Penh-based website design, Web development, and online marketing...


Company with 6 employees

Web Application Development, Mobile Application development, User Experiences Design

Quantic Media


Provides Training

We are marketing agency and consulting company and we are a professional online marketing...


Company with 12 employees

Provides Training

Mobile App, Web App, Data Virtualization, API Integration, GIS App


Company with 130 employees

Sabay Digital Corporation is a multi-platform content provider based in Cambodia. We are all...

Sabay Osja

Company with 20+ employees

We’re the first Cambodian game developing team in Cambodia. A dynamic team sets out on a quest to...

Society for Better Books in Cambodia


Provides Training

Providing training and programs for translation and Khmer book publication such as a Khmer...

Sompom Studio

Company with 23 employees

We build software on demand. Our projects includes mobile apps, games, web applications, business...